Colorado Efforts to Recall Anti-gun Democrats. One Bright Spot.

May 29, 2013

By Michael Brown

During the past legislative session many callers emotionally pushed for recall efforts against certain anti-gun Colorado Democrats. I understood their frustration and enthusiasm, but steadfastly cautioned them about the perils of recall efforts.

First and foremost I told them would be the influx of out-of-state money from the likes of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns and other radical left-wing, progressive organizations determined to stop recall efforts. I also cautioned them that failure to recall legislators would embolden them and leave them feeling invincible, making them believe they could push their progressive agenda even further.

All of that is history and the recall efforts, save one, have folded, turning their volunteers, energy, money and effort into a single recall effort against State Senator John Morse.


Focus your energy, focus your resources and go after an easy target. Easy, even though all the obstacles I mentioned above have become clear in the Morse recall effort.

Bloomberg is sending in money – and boots on the ground.

But one bright effort in the Morse recall effort is an organization highlighted by Colorado Peak Politics.

Peak reports:

I Am Created Equal, the conservative women’s group based in Colorado Springs, has launched a new radio ad blistering Senate President John Morse for his record on gun control, ethics trouble with abusing per diem pay and his close ties to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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