PER DIEM POUNDING: Conservative Women’s Group Slams Morse On Ethics Violation


By ColoradoPeakPolitics


I Am Created Equal, the Colorado Springs-based conservative women’s group run by Laura Carno, is out with a blistering new ad slamming Senate President John Morse over his abuse of tax-free per diem payments and the ethics investigation he faced over it.

At the time when Morse was hit with the ethics complaint he threatened the person who filed the complaint, telling the Colorado Springs Gazette: “If I were a private citizen, I would own these peoples’ homes.”

In a nice twist, Morse wasn’t able to take the complainant’s house, but the people of Colorado Springs may succeed in taking Morse’s seat.

While the ethics complaint was dismissed on a technicality by the Democrat-majority, it doesn’t take away from the fact that Morse took over $40,000 in tax-free payments, including on days he was in China, fundraising with lobbyists, and host of other activities for which he should not have been billing the people of Colorado.

Democrats will try to deflect this attack by noting the complaint didn’t succeed, but that doesn’t detract from the clear evidence proving his abuse of per diem, nor will technicalities remove the stink of corruption that this ad will firmly affix to Morse.

To paraphrase an old post of ours, John Morse has 99 problems and now a charge of corruption is one.

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