LOLA of the Month Laura Carno

March 6, 2014

Ladies of Liberty Alliance

By Ladies of Liberty Alliance

We are pleased to announce March’s LOLA of the month, Laura Carno! Laura is a Colorado citizen who most recently won the 2014 Leader in Action Award from the Leadership Program of the Rockies.

Laura believes that as adults, we don’t need to be told how to live, but we do need to stand our ground when government gets the relationship with its citizens upside down.

Laura has become the face of the idea that politicians are people, not kings. After a 25-year management career in the banking industry, Laura decided to take her passion for advocacy to the next level. Not only has she volunteered for a number of local political campaigns, she has managed successful ones.

What caught our attention was Laura’s influence in the recent Colorado recalls. Laura is the founder of several non-profit advocacy groups including I Am Created Equal and IACE Action. Laura is committed to making a difference, not just making noise.

A recent article from the front page of the Washington Times highlighting Laura’s activism can be viewed here.

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